I've worked as a writer and editor across a variety of topics (although mostly beauty, lifestyle and travel) for print publications, websites, trend forecasting agencies and consumer goods brands since 2002 and will do so as long as I can convince people to publish my stuff.

In a past life, I edited the LUXE City Guide to London and worked as editor-at-large for the launch of thehospitalclub.com.

In 2007 I co-founded cultbeauty.co.uk as founding creative director. I also founded and wrote the UK's Cult Beauty Blog, which (*cough, cough, blushes*) British Vogue called "the news-led blog that beauty editors swear by". I started a second one that did pretty well (beautywoome.com), although I long ago stopped updating it. Mostly I want to be paid for what I write (and who doesn't like a byline in a proper publication?) now that I'm on the wiser side of 35. 

Thanks to a BA in Art History from Yale University and an MA in Southeast European Studies from University College London, I can also bore you senseless about pre-Columbian fertility goddesses or the finer points of sarma or both at once (mind blown).