Why Jessica Teas should be Online Marketing Coordinator at Atelier Lumira


Simply put, I have proven experience in the job role being advertised and I specifically have it at a lifestyle start-up. Atelier Lumira is a fast-growing, high-end brand in the luxury home fragrance market.

To increase direct sales, share of the wholesale market, engagement on social and visibility online overall,

The market is growing (with established brands like Cire Trudon, Astier de Villatte and Diptyque among others. I know the luxury home fragance market is growing and Lumira has an increasing portion of the pie. For more than a decade I've followed the goings on of the beauty and lifestyle industries for both professional and personal reasons (I've owned everything from the Cire Trudon bust candle to WHAT.

Aside from the whole digital marketing/writing/beauty blogging thing, I also co-founded British beauty e-boutique www.cultbeauty.co.uk, working across the business pre- and post-launch from end-to-end (branding, supply chain, web development, content) as Creative Director from the site's inception in 2007 through 2009. I understand the unique needs of a small and growing lifestyle start-up from the inside out. 

I have an eagle eye for errors and can maneuver my way around a turn of phrase. I will be (cheerfully) militant about editing and producing brand copy that adheres to the Atelier Lumira voice and personality. Working for publications like Tank, DailyCandy, Because London, LUXE City Guides and  London in 2005 right up to current day for Shape.com in July 2015. I’ve also worked on the launch of becauselondon.com (alongside current Beauty Editor Bora Kwon), the launch of thehospitalclub.com (the web entity of the private members club) and served as Resident Editor of the LUXE City Guide to London. I can create and direct content that gets noticed.


Did I say I write online? I produce and edit too – predit – essential skills for an online marketing coordinator. I’m a dab hand at creating graphics and collateral (print and online) in Adobe Creative Suite, can navigate all major CMS and use social media daily. I've worked extensively updating and maintaining web-optimised product details for e-commerce sites as well as creating brand-forward content. In 2007 I launched one of the first UK beauty blogs (the Cult Beauty Blog, which British Vogue called “the news-led blog beauty editors swear by”). Working in online editorial means wearing many hats and looking good in all of them.



Online is all about eyeballs is all about showing up in search is all about share-ability on social and audience engagement. If a tree falls the woods and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? If my headlines and content aren’t popping up in timelines (and being clicked and shared), nor high up in SERPs, do they really exist? I get that if they’re not being seen, they aren’t growing The Glow’s influence or revenue potential.

The little black book

I like to keep my contacts and it means I often get to know what’s going on earlier than most. PRs and me go way back. I find launch invitations to London events in my inbox regularly even now – 6 years after I started my travel west towards Sydney. Being a writer gives me a foot in the door with new contacts and established relationships and reputation with current ones. I know how to personally reach out to media as well as utilize tools (like Beauty Directory, T, social media).

The upside to the pajama prison

I’ve worked as a freelancer and that means I know how to package and sell good ideas while keeping myself organised and proactive. I have the discipline to get stuff done without someone breathing over my shoulder.

A fresh perspective

Plus, I’d bring a unique perspective and new ideas as an American who earned her chops in the media and beauty scenes in London before relocating to Sydney via San Francisco. I know all the beauty and lifestyle stuff worth knowing in the UK and US with my feet now firmly on the ground in spectacular Sydney.


Recent writing clips


I have a 457 spousal visa, so I can work anywhere for anyone, no strings attached.  I also have plenty of references I would be delighted for you to contact, including:

  • Sean Dowdall, Chief Marketing Officer, Landis Communications Inc.
  • Elspeth Waters, Former Editor, www.cultbeauty.co.uk
  • David Marrinan-Hayes, Former Digital Development Manager, The Hospital Club